Saturday, April 12, 2014

Style Diary: All Black All Day, Every Day

My favorite building in Liverpool
Liverpool is one of my favorite cities in the UK; I have been here five times, and I am still consumed by its charm and beauty at my 6th visit. We were blessed with relatively nice weather - it was mostly sunny and dry, which I was very happy about (hence the awesome photos that I can to take).

AllSaints Hoxton Monument Coat; AllSaints Itat Shrug; Free People Voile and Lace Slip; AllSaints Bonny Cuban Boot; Marc by Marc Jacobs Satchel
I know I wore the same slip in back-to-back entries - fashion suicide. In all honesty, I really want to show you how one can wear an item in different ways. I wore this Free People slip on its own in Singapore because of the hot weather, whereas this is how I would style it in the UK, which is layered with other core pieces to keep warm. (In the UK, the sun is often deceiving; just because it's sunny outside, it is not necessarily warm or mild. Most of the time it is still freezing cold.)

I love the feminine lace of the slip paired with my grungy AllSaints shrug and coat. My trusty ankle boots go exceptionally well with everything and they don't disappoint in this case. Styling should not have to be complicated and meticulous; sometimes throwing on all your favorite things together can generate pleasant surprises. They will probably create better synergy anyways, since there must be a coherent reason why those are your favorite pieces in the first place.

Excuse my messy hair...

Yes, I am a party /spring booper for wearing yet another all-black outfit in the glorious Liverpoolian sun.

(Style Diary Photo Credit: My best friend /  travel buddy Nic)

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

On Vacation

I'm off to Liverpool, Manchester, Chester and Southport for five days!

Style diary to come... *pinky swear*

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Free People in Singapore... Take 2

Cloud Forest @ Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

R.I.P. MH370 victims...

I admire the Singaporean government for one thing - despite the fact that land is super expensive around the Marina Bay Sands development, which is essentially the touristy hub in Singapore, the government realizes the need for environomental education and public open space by creating the Gardens by the Bay. It is essentially a HUGE piece of land near the waterfront looking out to the Pacific Ocean, which was reclaimed to be a huge park / garden. Personally, I would struggle to walk through it in one day - it's THAT big. The air-conditioned "greenhouses" Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest are a must-visit in Singapore. It's man-made marvel at its best.

Free People Voile and Lace Trapeze Slip; Zara Skort (underneath); Aldo boots (RIP)
I have to admit I was not that creative with my Free People slip - the Singaporean heat simply does not allow it. I was sweating to death in one flimsy slip, you get the idea.

The special treat of that day was dining on top of the Supertree in THIS restaurant...

The Supertree restaurant
Oh yeah, the world was under our feet, quite literally. The food was insanely good and we had the special privilege of accessing the rooftop bar to take photos with the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

This was right in front of my eyes. How amazing is this?
Singapore Flyer in a distance

The Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest
Yes I was very spoilt.

All in all, Singapore was such a magical place. It was the place where I got my first (real; non-small-leather-good) Louis Vuitton; it took my breath away with its innovation, efficiency and how green it is. It also makes me reflect on how Hong Kong is definitely lagging behind Singapore, the former seriously has nothing on the latter. People might criticize how totalist the Singaporean government is, but I felt more free there than I ever was in Hong Kong and it's NOT because I was a tourist in Singapore. As the Chinese government creeps in behind the HK government, HK falls behind world cities like Singapore, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, etc. It's sort of infuriating, but as a Hong Konger, I feel that the hope for a truly democractic independent HK is simply wishful thinking.

Sorry to have ended this post on a rather sad note. Click on the link for more photos from my amazing Singapore trip. (Check out the Cloud Forest!)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Fashion Critique: Nicholas Ghesquière for Louis Vuitton

The entire world of fashion freaked out two days ago. March 5th 2014 officially marked the end of Marc Jacobs' 16-year relationship with Louis Vuitton (yes, I just compared it to a relationship). This fact is something that I find hard to accept, something that I have swept under the carpet ever since MJ's departure was announced; yesterday made it all real. I am a hardcore MJ fan, I am obsessed with what he brought to LV - such timelessness, just enough quirk, yet still classy enough to deserve the two golden letters. Needless to say, I was not overly excited to see Nicolas Ghesquière's first collection for Louis Vuitton.

It's a strange feeling seeing handbags that are so stylistically different, yet their silhouette remains iconic and they are still stamped with familiar monograms. Obviously, I am no industry expert, but as a die-hard fan - I am not convinced. Not yet. As respectable as Mr Ghesquière is, he has got some enormous shoes to fill.
Ah, a miniture version of LV's famous luggage trunks... Ironically, it's practically useless. And I think I've missed the symbolic importance of those wee cross-like thingies on the bag (box?).
Where should I start with the quilted Alma? I can't envision someone possibly ruining the iconic Alma, but this is probably the closest to it. LV is not Chanel. Enough said. The cross pattern is very strange-looking. One positive note, though, is that minus the cross pattern, it could be a semi-cute bag.
This bag makes me literally speechless. Next.
Nicholas Ghesquière did a few variations of the Speedy in this collection, which I can't seem to comprehend. Take this bag for example, it looks like a highstreet imitation of LV's signature silhouette. It's severely missing that WOW factor that you see from Marc Jacobs' designs.
Ditto, and this bag is too much of a love child between Chanel and Louis Vuttion - it's just weird and it hurts my eye because so much is going on.
This is one of the more 'conversative' designs in the collection. It has an Alma quality to it, yet a sense of the traveller's story is still there, which is so LV. However, I do find that the hotstamp of "Louis Vuitton Paris" a bit redundant when the bag is full of monograms; in my opinion, it will look a lot better without it.

I don't think I get this one. The silhouette is great as mentioned previously, but something is missing here - texture. I suspect it's because I am very accustomed to the Epi leather bags, that a normal leather bag does not seem to cut it. The choice of color here is next to being... dare I say, tacky?
Now this is one of the more interesting pieces - I think the outside is canvas and the inside is Epi leather (see what I mean about the texture?). Normally I would love me a grunge-inspired bag, but in this case, it doesn't seem to have that polished quirk, it's just awkwardly in the middle. I do love the zippered top handle though.
Practically useless. Look at how thin that shoulder strap is (hence uncomfortable to wear on the shoulder)! This bag seems a big too "out there" and not at all timeless enough to be a LV.
Last but not least, we have... a piece of modern art. I don't actually know what this is but I will assume it's a clutch of some sort. It's aesthetically interesting - I will give you that, but from a pragmatical point of view, it's disastrous at best.

I realize I have been very harsh in this critique, perhaps I was simply not ready for this change. But it's here and I am not tuned to Ghesquière's sense of aesthetics yet. I am going to rest my case for now and wait to see what he does for LV Spring 14/15.